Recently I heard some tragic news. An Empress lost a loved one. I thought she’ll be away for a while. But she kept on doing what she loves doing – trading while guiding her Empire on the ways of a good trader. She’s like a sailboat traversing rough seas. Determined to get ahead. But never forgetting to check on other sailboats lying ahull. Or sailboats lost at sea.

I’ve lost loved ones, too. When I grieved over them, I dropped everything, every time. But here’s one tough woman I know of who lost someone recently. Someone who gave life to her. Who gave her strength to live life to the fullest. To move on, move forward, wherever, whenever, from all the adversities in her life.

All the more now that she has my respect. I don’t know her that much, though. In fact, as I said earlier, I only know OF her.

But – She gave me her full trust to do “write ups” on this website. Anything and everything related to writing, editing.

What more can I ask for? Giving full trust to a nobody is one bold – albeit dangerous – move. To a troll at that. But she didn’t hesitate at all. She followed her instinct.

I’ve been a sailboat lying ahull. Until –

I saw a light from afar. A beacon.

The sight of a lighthouse on a stormy night gave me renewed strength, vigor. And the will to move on, move forward. To fight. Again. I thought I was only dreaming. But it was all real. I was rescued from being reduced to smithereens.

All gratitude goes to her.


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