Kasya ba ang 100k Pesos to be a Full-time trader?

Question that matter most. Kasya na ba ang puhunan nya na P100k to be a full-time trader? And I ask the Traders Empire group of their opinions. Because I believe there is no single answer. And these are the helpful replies from our co traders. You may want to read and hear them first before you jump as on the career of a full-time trader.

Invest muna po ng kaalaman bago sumabak sa labanan sa Stock market. Honest answer is… If you already know how to trade like a Pro, you wont be asking that question. Dahil pwede talaga mag retire as a full time trader. Not only in PSEi but to other indexes as well, including commodities… Strategic capital diversification should be implemented to hedge against unexpected market movements. So may portion dapat ng capital mo thats earning you dividends, interests on a regular basis to cover your monthly expenses… Trading income can be converted to real estate investments later on. Its a steep and painful learning curve pero kaya basta matyaga ka matuto… I suggest find a mentor… the guys who made it that far because nobody can argue with success 🙂

As I’ve heard in the trading world you have many things to consider once you take a leap. Trading is simple but not easy. You have to measure your skills and ability kung profitable ka ba in your past trades. Yung iba nga 3~5 years pa sila nakapag decide na mag fulltime trader. Hindi sya easy na decision. For me, I would advise you na wag muna. Until you become consistently profitable.

If you want to try being a full-time trader, then go because I believe that REGRET is scarier than failure. But before you go full-time. Check your portfolio first. 

1. Do you have 6 months of an emergency fund? 2. Do you have a 12-24 mths of buffer funds to cover all your monthly dues and other expenses? 3. Do you have your savings? Just enough if in case you want to go back to being an Ofw? 4. Are you consistently profitable sa trading system mo?

Ang dami no? Kaya ako ayoko muna ang sarap kaya na may inaasahan ka every month at the same time nakaka gain ka sa market

This is the reply of Ms. Krissy,

1.Compute your monthly expenses– Depende po sa cost of living niyo, existing na mga utang, kung may pamilya or pinag-aaral

2. Target return or quota – From your expenses, you can compute the amount required to trade for a living.

3. Skill – Consistent ka na ba nakapaggenerate niyan? Kung 30k-100k required mo na monthly, nagawa mo na ba consistently, say in 6mos-1 yr? nakasurvive ka ba sa bear market?

4. Psychology – Ano po attitude natin kapag natatalo? Nananalo? Kaya po ba bumangon after matalo? Nalalasing ka ba sa panalo?

5. System – Ano po system natin na master na natin? Profitable at gamay-na ba natin? Dyan ka kasi mabubuhay, sa system na panghahawakan mo for a lifetime

6. May Emergency fund ka po ba or Insurance– Sakaling may nagkasakit na critical illness.

7. Nakikita mo ba sarili na magttrade in 10-30 yrs, or even a lifetime? Because Trading is a Passion.

No exact amount is enough, I heard some start even less than 50k but now had more than millions in their portfolio, and some start millions but now are broke. Invest 1st in knowledge & experience. Umpisahan mo sa maliit tapos pag kaya mo na kargahin ang risk move forward. Experience can tell you the truth. You can never tell a plant growing unless you start planting. Explore more and learn more.

Possible but not advisable. Ikaw lang makakasagot sa sarili mo nyan after trying first for 6months (while you’re still working). 80% po ng new traders ay talo sa unang taon nila. Yun po ang statistic na nabasa ko.

Marami pa silang sinabing sagot, pero sa tingin at personal na sagot ko, sobrang importante ng capital. The capital or your money is your Oxygen to trade in stock market. Kaya kapag naubos yan oxygen mo, then deads ka. Magkano dapat ang capital? Opinion ko, wala naman makakapag justify talaga kung magkano. Dahil malaki or maliit kung walang skills, then walang kwenta ang malaking puhunan. Pero yun maliit na puhunan pwedeng lumago sa kamay ng reponsible and skillful trader. But if the capital is too small, for me as a full time trader, mahirap pa din yan. Dahil hindi naman araw araw may laro sa market. May time na mahina at may time na malakas. Pero kapag alam mong profitable ka na at consistent yun, subukan mo, pero maging matalino ka…

In conclusion, I think it’s not about the Capital alone. What matters most is the thing, person (s) that you really need to consider before you jump on a decision of being full time. Hindi yun pera, kundi yun kakayahan mo. Hindi ikaw, kundi yun mga taong mahalaga sayo. Your reason…

Sana makatulong sayo itong nabasa mo. Happy Investing and more successful trades. God bless…

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