The Culture Shock

Before I start to write this blog let me tell you that this is not some hate or complains about things I observed with people and life. This is pure curiosity inside my head, observation and some questions of why…

My recent travel was in Morocco for 10 days. I booked my tour with Travel Talk, and they are really good, the whole tour is lovely. Kindly google them if somehow you’re interested to join one of their tour. In the group, we are 18 people. They are Australian (Aussie), New Zealander (Kiwis) and Me. Yes Me… I’m the only Asian in the group tour huehue… Can you imagine that? Well if you haven’t figure out let me tell you.

They have a deep accent. When I said deep accent I really mean it, nose bleed… But because this is a writing blog I cant make you listen. How about some of their words and their English meaning.

Aussie to English meaning;
They said Sunnys when they mean sunglasses
They said Cheers it means thank you
They said Bin it means trash can
They said Barbi it means barbecue
They said: How’s the food, the reply is LOVELY, it means delicious.
Actually for what they told me, sometimes you may hear them saying,
“It’s divine”… That’s just for expressing how yummy is the food…
Yes, all the adjectives, What a Lush, Ohh it’s Breezy.

You may think I’m funny for saying all of this, but I’m just being honest. It’s my experience while traveling, not only the country but with the people I’m with. The truth is, it’s like you know what they are saying but somehow you can’t fathom it, you cant understand it fast because of their deep accent.

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Nasan ako dyan?? haha

In Chefchaouen the Blue City, we heard a guy talking out loud in the alley of the market. He is speaking American English (accent), how did I know… Because he speaks clearly his words. When my group mates heard him, they said, “What is he saying? He has an accent.” I almost laugh hearing them, because really, it’s not the guy who has an accent it is you mate… He speaks loud and clear, with his mouth wide open while speaking his words…

Just to remind you, there is no hate or bash in this blog. Nagkkwento lang po ako. May hangover pa nga ako sa pageenglish, feeling ko pag tumagal pa ako ng 1 week with them, mahahawa na ako sa salita nila. Kasi pag american accent ka, sasabihin nila Pardon, Come again (wahaha)…

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Syempre ako yun itim ang buhok haha

Meron pa akong kwento, magtatagalog na ako ha, taglish… During travel nagtanungan din if ilang bansa na ang napuntahan. Akala ko marami na kahit paano yun sakin, its 13 country. Sila ang pinaka mababa is, 22 country and the most is 36 country, just woww… If you will ask their age, the youngest is 20 and the oldest is 30. Ganito pala ginagawa nila, nagttrabaho sila for 6-7months working so hard, double job, some have a triple job to earn money. Then after that, most of them will travel 1 month on the road to maximum 7months just pure traveling.

Good for them right, kasi hindi sila nahihirapan sa Visa unlike us, yan ang explain ko sa kanila na maraming bansa bago kami pumasok kailangan namin magapply ng visa. There are people who are not limited by that, how privileged right… Bakit tayo hindi ganun??

Pag kasama ko mga kaibigan ko na pinoy, feel ko ang tangkad at ang laki ko. Pero ng makasama ko sila, maliit pala ako (huehue). I mean for all we know, malaking bulas naman talaga sila, hindi lang siguro ako sanay na hindi ako yun matangkad (hahaha again)…

Naka 6 hotels kami na palipat lipat and 5 of those hotels meron swimming pool. Grabe ang hilig nila magswimming, sabi sakin “Are you going to the pool?”, my reply is “No it’s very hot.” Because the temperature is ranging to 35-40 deg. Aayain pa ako, ang chocolate skin ko na nga, sila na lang gusto-gusto naman nila magpaitim. (nakakatawa ba ako, haha)

Marami pa ako natutuhan sa kanila by observing and listening to them. You see when you are traveling it’s not about the place or country alone, but also the people you interact with. You will have new learnings, new experience, a taste of something different from what you already know.

This is a very nice experience, lovely as they said… Kahit naculture shock ako sa mga kasama ko ayos lang, kasi hindi naman araw araw mararanasan mo yun. Ang mahalaga, naenjoy mo yun moment. At bukod sa nakasanayan mong Ikaw at mga kilala mo, meron pang ibang tao. Na iba ang galaw, way ng pagsasalita, way of thinking, culture. We have different colors of hair, eyes, skin but in the end, we are called people.

Saan ka man galing, anuman lahi yun, ang mahalaga naman ay yun respeto sa bawat isa, yun pakikipag kapwa tao mo. Kung magiiwan ka ba sa kanila ng magandang alaala. Because being the only asian in the group, most probably it’s like representing my race. Masaya ako ng narinig kong sinabi nila, “You are so nice”… At sana kapag nakakilala ulit sila ng pinoy maalala nila na, “We are nice People.”

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  • Ay tama ka Ms. G pag naka encounter sila ulit ng mga Pinoy ikaw unang maalala nila , “that we are all nice people”..

  • Sa totoo lang npakhirap intindihin ng Aussie & New Zealand’s English, my God, as in super super deep accent. Kung nkaka ilang beses ako mgpaulit sa sinasabi nila dahil di ko magets. My boss is American lady and she speaks very clear as we do, pero mga Aussie, Brits, Irish, Scottish & Kiwis, hay nkakaloka.

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